Thursday, April 10, 2008

Todays Scores

Cubs 7
Pirates 3

Snoop Dog 8
Winston Churchill 5

Sandy Koufax 5
The Periodic Table 7

Joan Baez 3
rectal thermometers 8

Kentucky Derby 7
Skywalker Ranch 9

Nikola Tesla 11
Thomas Edison's soiled diapers 1

papercuts 3
Doris Day 8

congruent angles 4
Rasputin 11

Jack Lemmon's performance in
Good Neighbor Sam 11
Grateful Dead lyrics 13

good friends 7
everything else 1

Bedford-Stuyvesant 6
Electric Light Orchestra 2

Denmark 7
persistence of vision 5

facing death 8
indoor plumbing 6

Sigourney Weaver 5
cartoon penguins 3

why you're still reading this 7
George Clooney's worst day 4

the whole idea of it all
shade 9

The Rapture 11
Spaghettio's 2

puppies 12
vehicular manslaughter 3

Man Ray 20
trousers 11

Western Civilization 5
Handi Wipes 2


Anonymous said...

The Rapture was way overhyped in preseason play. When they come up against Tesla in the playoffs--watch out!

However Puppies always seem to pull it off late season, especially if Poofie is pitching.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lemmon beats Mr. Hunter's lyrics? You can't be serious. Brokedown Palace. Box of Rain.
You know I would say I have to see this movie but after you waxed poetic about The Dark Backward I rented it and ya know I was all for weird third arms and such but he licked a dead girl. Which in theory isn't too hard to wrap my head around, but it was that he licked an unknown DIRTY dead girl.....well, I'm not so sure I'm going to take movie suggestions from you anymore. :)

Coleman Miller said...

Blue girl says:
"You can't be serious."

are you really asking me this?
i knew this would come not making statements about any of these in relation to the other really. it's more just the absurd juxtaposition...
ok that said i agree with the following:
Nikola Tesla 11
Thomas Edison's soiled diapers 1
and from an earlier post:
Ernie Kovacs 13
Stan Brakhage 1

otherwise ALL are just ramdomocity n shit.
ok i dont have alot of time am running late for poker at holsters..BUT
the Dark rented it! good for you. now i may have been high as a loon when i watched it, OK? OK. dunno if i mentioned that earlier.
and sure paxton licks a dead girl but must we judge him on this action alone? truth be told it was probably a live girl he licked...PLAYING a dead girl.
I'm not recommending you rent Good Neighbor Sam - that film just came into my head as an obscure reference...saw it a few times as a kid and loved it. don't think it would hold up for you so just go rent The Dark Backward again.
one thing though from your're ok with licking CLEAN Dead girls?
alright Blue Girl...whatever you're in to.

More Scores

Bloggers comments 12
pretzel mustard 9

Anonymous said...

anal thermometers over Joan Baez? have you seen her back in the day, what are you smoking!!! though I will go with Doris Day over paper cuts and Skywalker Ranch over the Kentucky Derby

Coleman Miller said...

Hey don't blame me. I'm just reporting the scores that come in over the feed...sheesh.