Sunday, August 31, 2008

Writing a Paragraph of Words

Writing a paragraph of words in a particular order is a thing a person can do. Almost a certain randomness is nice. And sometimes not so almost. Of course words written on a page in and of themselves are just angular and curvy doodles with a semblance of something a person might call order. Taking these words and translating them badly on the internet is also a thing a person can do.

The points of the words in a fragmentary order is a thing, that it can make a person. Contingency nearly determined is pleasant. And nearly not so sometimes. However the words, that they are written automatically in a side inside, are hardly angle irons and scratch. Which are with an appearance something a curvy person could designate order. These words to take and them translate are seriously also a thing the one person can to do in this internet.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Frustratingly Short Blog Post

So Dear Readers I was all excited to have a blog post entitled "Celebrity Names That Are Also Sentences" but i could only come up with one.

Norman fell.

Monday, August 18, 2008

another sculpture (silent)

here's a test to see how pixelated this shot gets on blogspot..
the shot looks damn good on my computer... very sharp, literally. Let's see if it holds up here on the blog. . . .

ten minutes later . . .
P.S. looks ok. a little sharpness gone but ok for a free video hosting site.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Scans From The Journals

So yeah i have lots and lots of journals piled up around here - might as well scan some and get it across this way, methinks. And ain't the written word just a bit more personal? Sure it's a bit more difficult to read (especially with my handwriting) but damn there's something so much more human about it. i think. and here you are reading this in Verdana 16 point . . . ..Sheesh.
ok i'm doing this quick as im about to head out. but maybe we'll see more handwritten stuff in the future.
the following are short...written about 3? years ago. and certainly not written for the blog...i just perused an old journal a couple minutes ago and hit scan.