Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

undeserving folks

I took this photo many years ago in my hometown of Elgin, IL.
I think it sums up the church nicely, don't you?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This morning I was looking through some old books and came across one I hadn't perused in quite awhile. Encyclopaedia of Superstitions. An old library book on British superstitions I picked up cheap a few years back .
Now I am not a superstitious person myself. Although I do have one superstition I have made up and it seems to work. It's a simple one. If I see a dog wearing one of those Elizabethan collar things, It's going to be a good day. However, if I see a SECOND dog wearing one it's going to be a bad day. Years ago while living in San Francisco I was having a great day and saw one of those collars on a pooch and it just took off from there. But back to the book. There's some pretty good ones in there...

It is unlucky to pare one's nails on a Friday.

A person born on Christmas Day will never be hanged.

Moss growing upon a human skull, if dried and powdered and taken as snuff, will cure the headache.

Bad luck will follow any fisherman who mentions the word rabbit.

For sore eyes bathe with rain water gathered on Ascension Day.

you get the idea. These are actually in the book! but they missed a few . . .

Prosperity comes to those who throw a pig over a fence on an overcast Wednesday.

To cure gout, pick the scab of a stranger wearing a hat .

Attending an amateur dance recital is bad luck.

If you see a midget eating link sausage you will get a promotion.

Rubbing the head of a Jew counterclockwise will cause neighboring villagers to go deaf.

To cure rickets punch a matador in the pancreas.

Rubbing your vagina during a theatrical play will give the lead actress mumps.

If you want an abundant harvest in the autumn throw a Texan in front of a bus in July.

A red headed hitchhiker is the sign of an early spring.

A clown in the rain is a sign your headmistress might be up for it.

Believing vague stories of past misfortunes and how they were remedied will make you superstitious. On a Friday.

If a priest gives you the wrong directions to the circus you'll die at sea.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Outer Space Fact # 37

The thing about flying past a black hole
is ya gotta remember to go
WAY around it.