Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dock Ellis R.I.P.

Dock Ellis the great pitcher with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 70's has died.
Ellis went 138-119 with a 3.46 ERA from 1968-79. He went 19-9 in 1971 when Pittsburgh won the World Series, and made his only All-Star appearance that summer.
But the one game that he will be remembered for is in 1970 in San Diego. Dock got the news he was pitching the first game in a doubleheader even though he was not originally scheduled to pitch. So what do most people in 1970 do when they have the day off? That's right - they drop acid. And that's exactly what Dock did. Before he got the call.
Now you may be asking yourself - how bad did Dock Ellis pitch that day? Well for one he walked 8 batters. AND he pitched a no hitter. A fucking no hitter ON ACID!!
I'm guessing they won't be putting up a plaque about this in Cooperstown.
But it has to be of some help when your glove is telling you how to pitch to certain guys.
Either way Dock Ellis was a favorite of mine when I was still a little leaguer and had no clue of this story. R.I.P, Dock.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

one week ago

today I'm layering myself in sweaters before going outside . .last week was a bit nicer while hanging art in southern california. damn.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scintillating Film Theory Conversation Going On Over Here

It's good to have good friends you can talk about anything with.
I have a friend (let's call him "Shawn" to protect his identity) and he's learning about all things video. Wants to make short digital pieces and has already made a handful. He's actually been more prolific than yours truly of late but that's for another blog post.
So he's asking me all kinds of questions now since I've made a few. Plus I'm trying to turn him on to the masters. Bruce Conner. Ernie Kovacs. Tarkovsky. To name 3.
The other night he was over and i played him a Tarkovsky film. His films could be described as slow. But Brilliant.
Anyway we watch films and have scintillating conversations while watching.
For instance during this particular Tarkovsky film (The Stalker) "Shawn" got up to use the bathroom. Here then is that dialogue in it's entirety.

Miller: "Do you want me to pause this?"

: "No, I'm not riveted to every moment" (Leaves living room and heads down the hall)

: "That's cuz you're a DICK."

So yeah, we like to watch and discuss films. And I think I'm helping. It's important to get your ideas out. And even more important to have friends you can discuss film theory with that understand the rudiments of a healthy dialogue.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Religion! of my favorite topics.
Saw this on youtube awhile back and have to say George Carlin is spot on. I couldn't put this any better myself but i will continue to try. In the meantime I'm gonna act all moral and upright and human just because it feels better, not so i can get into heaven.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seemless Universe Xmas Card

I've been mailing out handmade christmas postcards to friends for about 30 years now. this is about the time of year i need to get my ideas together and get em out. some years i waited a bit too long and then sent out happy new years cards instead. this is probably more my speed anyway. this whole "son of god" thing is really a bit much dontcha think? i mean it's a cute story for sure but do we want to base our lives around it? i think not.
Wait! Was was that sound??!! Oh that must be my mother rolling over in her grave at her son writing this stuff. sorry mom. but you taught me well. Not that my mom was that religious . .(hell we were Methodists!...arguably the most unreligious of the was a place to kill time on Sunday morning before going to the Pancake House) She was quite an active participant around the church but in looking back I realize now it was all around the social events..not the religious. And the whole god thing didn't follow us back home. Here's the extent of our religion around the house on Augusta Avenue . . .we would say grace before Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter meals. That's it. And a few of those were from my Grandfather on my dad's side saying "Good bread, good meat, good god let's eat".
Anyway i digress...i was meaning to just say if you wanted to receive a Seemless Universe christmas/happy new year/ holiday card in the mail just send me your mailing address to, with the subject heading Where's my xmas card at?
if i get too many requests i'll have to put a kibosh on it but by the looks of the statcounter i should be OK. We'll see.
And here's another idea....dunno if this will take or not but here goes....if after sending me your address via my email- if you'd post your (snail mail) mailing address in the comment box you could choose a fellow reader and send them a card! how bout those apples?
this might be a bit much for people to want to give up on the internet but if you have another idea lemme know. this half baked or what?
we'll see!
And it looks like i'm leaving friday for L.A. and the southwest for a couple weeks so . . . .well, I'll keep ya posted.