Monday, September 28, 2009

frank's out today

(click on Roman to enlarge)

So yesterday morning I see the Polanski headline on the But when I clicked on it there was no real story yet. Just these notes someone mistakenly published (between the Zurich and NY office of the times? maybe) I dunno.
I think if Frank was in the office then this probably wouldn't have gone out online. Somebody's got some explaining to do. Probably to Frank.
Now to the story . . .
Really?! Are we going after Polanski when he shows up at a film festival in Zurich? wtf? All sorts of theories but as the Times quoted today "the United States have strongly denied any link between Mr. Polanski’s arrest and recent high-level negotiations on providing the Internal Revenue Service with the Swiss account details of suspected American tax evaders."
When the U.S. strongly denies anything, that's probably as good a place to start as any.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Biggish Purge

It's good sometimes to take a piece (or pieces) of your past, put them into cardboard boxes and sell them to an aging hippie at a used record store. It sorta clears out the system. And in this technological age of iTunes and ePhones and O rings and Frankenberries it's quite easy to keep yourself musically happy without ever once changing a needle. That said I still have my turntable and I gave myself a limit of 60 albums I would keep. for instance these 7 . .

Here's 7 of the 280 I sold. . . .

now i wonder how many of you will write in the comment box things like "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SOLD YOUR WORKINGMANS DEAD!" or somesuch. And i say that's part of the beauty of the big purge.
OK who can guess how much money I got for approximately 275 LP's ? i ask you .. .
if anybody guesses correctly they win a special secret prize which will be delivered to their home via the U.S. Postal Service. maybe. ya never know with those guys.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

t's ootball eason !

In deference to this new photo at the top i might as well mention it's football season.

Living in Minnesota you can imagine what name pops up in conversation these days.
This is a name that one of my friends said if he hears one more time he's going on a shooting rampage. But he has a bit of an anger problem anyway and likes it like that.
The last time he threatened a rampage had something to do with someone knocking on his door or somesuch. I won't name names . .let's just call him Quinn.
where was I ?
oh yeah . . . .Brett Favre. (Take THAT Quinn ! all you folks in south mpls - lock your doors.)
Whatever, it's cute to see all the MN Vikings fans getting excited for another losing year for them. But ya know, this isn't really a football blog so I'll just say this ..
the photo at the top you may think is a guy stiff arming another guy on the football field. But in reality it's two guys that are just in to some weird shit. Their odd way of playing peek a boo. Maybe.
Or just old fashioned Hand Sniffers.