Sunday, October 10, 2010

NYC, etc.

Been a long time here with no bloglines. Was busy working on big kinetic sculpture, getting ready for my screening in NY and trying to figure out why my computer just up and said "fuckit".
and fuckit it did.
since then . .
I'm on a new laptop, have made my largest sculpture to date (bigger is better, size matters, etc etc.) and got my name in the NY Times.
the screening in Brooklyn was a gas, got to see a bunch of old friends, meet some new future old friends, played pool and skeeball at the local haunt afterwards and generally kicked it in Williamsburg. You shoulda been there.

relaxing on Rick Monaco's roof the night before the screening. (Rick makes a kickass grilled rooftop newport steak..i think it has alot to do with sauce and searing the shit out of the fat early and often. Rick ain't no passive griller - he's tossing and turning the steak from start to finish. )

Mark Street, I and some other off camera folks hang out before the screening at Union Docs in Brooklyn. (Notice the great patio they have out back of the theater and a perfect night to be out in it)

(L to R. Steve Holmgren, Katherin McInnis, Mark Street, Miller)
I always find that post screening discussion works better in black and white.

Two ex Monaco Lab employees telling stories of sprocketholes past.

I think Mark's heard this one before.

Did I answer the question?

the staff at Union Docs were/are amazing. Very laid back and professional at the same time. A wonderful night all the way around. Thanks Steve for this very cool opportunity.
And if anyone who was at the screening is reading this - i STILL think The Bony Orbit is funny. Even with all that awkward silence. So there.