Wednesday, January 30, 2008

drilling for oil in a goldmine

Have been busy looking for work in this world and not feeling that bloggy so it’s been awhile yes readers searching for the almighty dollar and whatever that entails trying to market myself in a world of commercialism and commercials and the ordinary after spending a life believing in the unordinary (the more unordinary the better!). Trying to get my foot in the door of where the money is. Showing my art to the man and getting less than exhuberant reactions. Rethinking skills and making the jump as it were.
Damn. Something will give soon, it has to. If anybody out there who has seen my work and knows of a company/person who could use these skills -let me know. Housepainting and demolition work is taking it’s toll on this 48 year old body. Rather use my brain for awhile.
Looking for work . . .Feels like I’m drilling for oil in a goldmine.
so yeah this taking up my time so might be posting more visual stuff for a spell instead of words . . .comes easier to me these days.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Church of the Holy Coincidence.

I haven’t written too much on my ideas on religion and god but it's about time to let 'em out. The planet's been hijacked by ignorance and mythology and there really is no end in sight.
The following are some random thoughts from the journals:

Like an old hound dog religion has treed us. It’s all in our heads. Take a look..the dog is old, lame and blind. Climb out of the tree, stand on your own two feet and go help some others get out of those trees. It’s a start.

We change with the time. Our spirituality is too important to disregard each generations ideas. It’s the humans that are alive now that can save us. Not our dead heroes in books. It can happen in your lifetime. This is something to pray for. But not to a god. Pray to everyone living. Put your faith in the human race.

Big Bang? More like a Cosmic Ejaculation..

If religion has taught us anything it is this:
Get 'em When They’re Young.

Church of the Holy Coincidence.
No Guilt.
No Sin.
No Father/Sky god judging us.
All the old bets are off.

This planets ignorance in regards to spiritual evolution is shameful. We may be the laughing stock of the universe.

It's time for churches to start keeping the books and pay up.
Our government gives em a free pass.
Church & State - Totally in bed together.

It's time for religion to stop sucking off the tit of society.

the thing i refuse to buy into (re: religions) is they make their gods so petty. not only do they give these gods very human characteristics, but the very worst of them. Vindictive. Egomaniacal. Petty. (Notice i said "not only do they give these gods.." who can argue- we humans were the ones who came up with this grand idea of gods and later "a" god) so yes, we give our gods their traits. Lets' not fool ourselves ladies and gentlemen - it's all us.
if there is a god i can safely say he/she/it has not communicated with us. Certainly not by giving us
"his rules"

Getting "over" religion will take awhile (understatement) and will be a huge human hurdle. And a great day. The Huge Human Hurdle.

Monday, January 14, 2008

How to write a movie

A lot of people are asking “How can I come up with new and interesting film ideas?” And now the answer is as easy as A, B, three. . . All you need is a TV Guide. First go to the back and peruse the films playing and their brief descriptions. Here are some examples:

“A cowpoke is accused of murder but escapes to track down the real culprit and win the hand of the girl he loves”

“A runaway kid meets ups with a factory worker on his way to an arm wrestling competition and they become friends”

“A brother and sister who were condemned to eternal death 12,000 years ago must eat virgins to keep their bodies from rotting”

OK what does this tell us? Well first we need a main character or characters….
So let’s go back to our tv guide.

A powerful NY gangster
A French schoolboy
The Caped Crusader
A paralyzed man
An aimless tv salesman
A minneapolis waitress
A blind Australian
Members of a film crew
A circus owner
General Douglas MacArthur
A 16th century thief

Now we need a dilema or a conflict or just something that happens:

Gets a taste of high society.
Hooks up with a widows teenage daughter.
Assumes the mantle of a superhero.
Video tapes her affair with a married Detroit salesman.
Decide to take their act to Bolivia.
Is surrounded by a bevy of beautiful students.

Now we just mix and match to our hearts content:

An aimless tv salesman decides to take his act to Bolivia.

A French schoolboy is accused of murder but escapes to track down the real culprit and win the hand of a minneapolis waitress

A paralyzed man and a circus owner hook up with a widows teenage daughter and become friends.

General Douglas MacArthur assumes the mantle of a superhero.

A 16th century thief video tapes her affair with a married Detroit salesman.

Members of a film crew get a taste of high society and become a blind Australian.

A powerful NY gangster and General Douglas MacArthur are surrounded by a bevy of beautiful students and must eat virgins to keep their bodies from rotting.

Voila! You're a screenwriter.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

drinking about films

Random Journal Entry

Last night wITh fRiends
watchInG aNd
talking anD drinkinG about Films.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008