Friday, March 28, 2008

dumpster diving for triptychs

so yesterday found me and my bloggy friend Holster knee deep in his neighbors dumpster. Shawn had already scavenged around the perimeter earlier in the week and discovered some potential there so it was up to yours truly to get in there and dig out the guts. Always wear boots and gloves when dumpster diving. ok sometimes you don't have those on ya so go with what you got. anyway our anonymous photographer seemed to like to go out and photograph cars. and alot of these negs were cut in threes. soooooo....triptychs it is.
check further posts when i may break out the scissors and then . . . . .diptychs!
which brings up the old idea of a halloween costume...strap two pieces of art to your chest and go as a Total Diptych.

technical/artistic addendum: if you look close you can get a glimpse of our photographer in the side mirror of his car. and yes i did some iDodging and iBurning to get him to come out a bit in those mirrors.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Today's Scores

Cubs 4
Twins 2

Ernie Kovacs 13
Stan Brakhage 1

West Aurora 3

Totie Fields 8

Lew Alcindor 5

Ornithology 1

Asians 4
Cleavon Little 8

Alexander Calder 10
mustard 2

The Spanish Inquisition 13
sporks 9

Steven Wright 11
Tuesday 5

sprocketholes 7
John Cage 8

Jerry Garcia 2
Bjorn Borg 1

Big Macs 3
pointillism 2

The Eighteenth Hole at Pebble Beach 5
Todd Farwell 9

God 2
Verbs 3

E pluribus unum 5
Youtube 1

wallpaper removal 17
Tucumcari, New Mexico 6

Professor Irwin Corey 11
your middle name 3

film 16
1963 4

what happens when you die 11
Arkansas Razorbacks 2

Elgin, Illinois 15
fake poop 6

prayer 7
Christopher Walken's dentist 3

Napoleon 9
Pia Zadora 7

Monday, March 3, 2008

Educational films & 16mm disembodied frictionHands . . . .