Friday, October 19, 2007

random entries from the current journal (Miscellaneous Various)

It's come to this . . .Corporations selling us minutes. cc captioning mistypings on tv tonight:mod rat republicans. Look at you! livin' in your white castle. In The Band Or Not In The Band? take a photo of a local band with two other people in the shot..all album covery looking. viewers job to decide . .. who is or is not in the band. Ben Gazzara the 69 Mets Man Ray. The thing about autobiographies is you can only do it on one person. a cinema on the spot...little or no graphics...probably a bad name for your graphics firm ..when your receptionist answers the phone "Little or No Graphics. How may i direct your call? " To Catch a Predator - ..these sad, F-ed up men and their lives crumbling apart in someone's kitchen. like watching a car wreck. that rabbi the best so far for my money. watching people plead...i dunno picking the right religion .. they make it all's just a crapshoot..where you are born. Church of God the Verb. Think. all the religions say they are The One. if that's so then all the rest are null and void regarding the afterlife. (talk about positive spin...reruns now an "encore presentation" and death is "afterlife") God is hope repackaged. Now that we know this . .Let's just bring back hope! favorite quote from the bible to use against them : "The truth will set you free". SockRay Blue!! Shawn tonight . . . a few too many cocktails gave him a headful of thunder. words are just agreed upon. Don't Fuck with Wendy Testaburger! when your eyes are shut, you can see to infinity . Earth: Making It Up As We Go Along. each finished film is ultimately the answer. when you started it was still just a question - to play with and take on down a path of your own choosing. character name: Tao Jones. Go with God..... Just go! The Fag That Broke the Camels Back. Consciousness: the continuous situation. When your planet gets filled with martyrs . .it doesn't bode well. character in film: Rapper who has a panda bear named Bling Bling. good comedy club name: Hilarity & Sue's. No boogieman is an island.character in the story goes into a store to buy some context. good documentary idea . . .The History of Tomorrow. It's actually pretty wonderful that the universe always remains this constant mystery . .keeps us forever curious.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bill Paxton is a National Treasure!

Ok last night i watched a film none of you have ever seen. The Dark Backward. see? i told you.
Judd Nelson and Bill Paxton play garbage collectors in a world filled with garbage. in one scene they walk behind the garbage truck tossing in random crap they pick up off the street which is COVERED in trash. some of the tosses make it into the truck, some don't. whatever. (for those who know me it's like me cleaning my apartment. enough said. that would be for another blog entry.)
Oh, and along the way in this film, Judd Nelson grows an arm out of his back, which seems to help his career as the worst stand up comic ever. Every time he takes the stage he is COVERED in flopsweat. "Comics with two arms are a dime a dozen", says Wayne Newton at one point as the slimy talent agent, Jackie Chrome.
But back to Mr. Paxton. His portrayal of Gus the accordian playing sidekick is Amazing, Disgusting and WAY over the top. Bill Paxton. Who IS this guy? a genius? or just another guy from Texas? Both, i say!!
a couple years ago he directed and starred in Frailty. a twisted film with religious overtones and subtle humor. In the theater I was in tears laughing at some shit while the rest of the audience looked at me like i was a freak. (It's happened before - I'm used to it.)
anyway, Bill Paxton. Wow. Keep an eye on this guy.
OK, i have important stuff to do as far as you know . . . .