Wednesday, February 25, 2009

old post never published . . .

til now! (for good reason? i dunno gimme a break.)

when writing a today's scores post i had one that goes like this:

drawing outside the line 137

cue cards 2
this is the story of my life so far....need to even that score out more - might be more productive.
and narrative, for sure.
time will tell.

Hold Your Horses!

Sunrise lighting . .depends which way you point your lens..east or west. the west glows. the east is contrasty.

Good question for the 1970's game show, MatchGame . . .
"What would Jesus Blank?"

Astonomers, scientists, philosophers and physicists all getting together for a thinktank - after many months their paper comes out and states that the universe is almost definitely something.
After some arguments, they change this to almost certainly something.

to create a new genre of film simply look over the application form for any film festival. online applications make you click on such words as :

Black & White

make films where these aren't yes or no questions. it's a start.

Rejected working title for Our Bodies, Ourselves:
Ladies and Germs

If you attempt to reach higher
you already have.

new word for something that starts out very cool but then goes sour ~
Betty's new business was a huge success,
but then it sundanced

Look for it all in his new book, Melancholy Olives! coming out this Fall!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stencils, Spraypaint & Sprocketholes

Have been spraypainting onto canvas the past couple weeks. Ed Lentsch was kind enough to give me some of his canvas scraps which happen to be the perfect size/dimensions for rendering some strips of film. Long and narrow. So I've been spraying a bunch (and breathing in a bit too, unfortunately). But I've got a few tests around here that are looking OK or so I think..

here's one (5 1/4" X 20") on canvas, stretched.
And yes, I am a Moon Child. I know, I know, not as cool as Aries but we Cancers try harder.

Monday, February 9, 2009

slapped together

This is slapped together and i make no apologies. i had some backgrounds layered and i put some titles in there. near the end one of my mattes went south - instead of 'fixing' it i just put another sound over the top of it. make it seem like it was planned. or something. boy this looks like hell online. the things that PoP! on my screen now just coalesce into a gravy of pseudo-prime colors. damn. Oh and thanks to Beethoven.

Friday, February 6, 2009

what i bought on ebay

(and why you should care)

OK I lied, the only reason I'm posting about this is so my farticle post won't be the first thing a person sees when they come to this blog. AND maybe, sorta because am thinking about starting a new subject for the future called "the photography of ebay"
for instance - nothing quite says Bach like an in ground pool backdrop.
Either way I got a new projector to pick up this weekend (it's local - i saved shipping)
and now my farticle post is further down the page where it belongs.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who do you think you are?


Somebody recently sent me a link to an article and although i was unable to open it I noticed in the address very plainly in the middle there is the word farticle.

What exactly IS a farticle?
well this brings to mind a story from my past where Mark Petterson was more than a little miffed one day at having to smell his older brothers farts . . .his brother 's response? "If you
're smelling it then some of my fart is IN YOUR NOSE right now." Hmmm. Of course, this brings up questions regarding physiology, olfactory senses and brotherhood for sure.

So yeah . .a farticle then is that small area of your fart that resides in someone else's nose.
There you have it! So who said Seemless Universe was nothing more than the meandering thoughts of an underemployed man? Who ?!! Who said that??!!
It's fucking Educational! or F'educational.

Now sure some of you are reading this and thinking . .THIS isn't why i visit this site, damn Miller.
oh well. come back again soon and we'll demonstrate how to send e-farticles.
The technology is almost there.

Peace, Love and Sheesh,