Tuesday, June 28, 2011

lets just say . . .

June 2011 has been astonishing.
here's some pix that have nothing to do with that but I'm just filling in because that seems like too short of a post.
(fyi: most of these i didn't take...only kinetic and mini dog i shot)


meta graffiti

for you know who

about 3 lifetimes ago

kinetic close ups

how mythology has evolved

glasses and dogsitting

shadow of our moon

how the pros do it


how do they do that? op art 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Recent Randomocity

Humanity is hereditary.

guy on Antiques Roadshow brings in an old purse and some sorta fossil. by the end:
Silk Purse - $180.00
Sows Ear - $22,000

experimental film a person could make:
3 Frames of the Condor

spreading god like peanut butter mayonaise

cartoon toothache

write a story you
would never write.

She always carried the threat of style.


crazy guy who sometimes when he's out with his friends he gets a little froggy and they have to put the elizabethian collar on him, like your sick dog wears. Only it's just a ruse to freak out strangers. the guy will be speaking quite eloquently one moment and the next he is growling and trying to get at something. something akin but not entirely to the guy who has a job down on the wharf - he sits in the drivers seat of his car with a full dog outfit on, the head sitting next to him in the front seat. He wears glasses and reads from War and Peace or The Brothers Karamozov, waiting for customers. The sign on his car reads "See The Crazy Dog". When the customer slides a dollar in the slot he sighs a big sigh (making a big show of being put out) puts a bookmark in his book, takes his glasses off and carefully places them in their case, puts his dog head on, checks himself in the mirror and then goes fucking nuts barking and jumping over the seats front to back trying to get at the customer. 30 seconds later he abruptly stops and goes through the same motions only now in reverse and goes back to his book.

he and her and their sexless fling.

guy explaining to another guy what god is.
He looks over us!
He made everything!
The guy is Amazed!! He's never heard about this man!

Double Feature: Deliverance & Cabin Boy


(In no particular order)
cut finger
broken heart
Mt. St. Helen
loss of loved one
heart surgery
your team lost
crack in the cosmic egg
bad haircut

The Jewish how ya doin' matrimonial sheet

a couple driving along Duluth on a gorgeous spring day...
HE: "This really is Beautiful here!"
SHE: "It's gotta be cold in the Winter."(Pause) "I wonder what the suicide rate is?"