Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Many go to l' Nut.

Seemless Universe Statcounter Update

Today someone from Germany found my site by googling "the crowd goes nuts".
and thank god he did (if you believe in that kinda thing) cuz i was just thinking i haven't blogged shit in awhile so here's the crowd goes nuts put through the super secret translator fun machine or (if you believe in that kinda thing)

i put the super secret translator fun machine through German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Portugese, Korean, French, Chinese, Greek, Italian and Russian.
(Some of the translations were the same)

The crowd goes nuts.

The crowd goes the nuts.

Crowd goes the nut.

The crowd goes the walnuts.

The mob goes the walnuts.

Crowd goes nut.

The multitude goes the nut.

The multitude goes l' nut.

Many go to l' Nut.

And now here is the rest of the blog post from English to Italian and back:

Modernization of Statcounter dell' universe of Seemless

Today someone from the Germany has found my place googling the " the crowd goes nuts". and the God ringrazi that has made (if you believe as kind of what) cuz I were thinking hardly the haven't blogged for a po' thus in here' s the crowd goes nuts put with the excellent secret machine or of divertimento of the translator (if you believe as kind of the thing) I have made to pass the excellent secret machine of divertimento of the translator with German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, French, Chinese, Greek, Italian and Russian. (Some of the translations were the same ones)

Now some folks after reading this may say hey you didnt even write anything - you just translated some stuff and are passing this off as something.
Sheesh. Take it easy.

OK OK here's a few Todays Scores . .

Cubs 6
Houston 2

Mark Twain 8
Jeff Beck’s ear canal 2

External links 1
The Sea of Tranquility 6

The amount of time it would take to rotoscope the entire 1969 World Series 5
Bulgarian Dissidents 4

Ali vs. Frazier 8
The median income 3

The invention of Nylon 9
Catfish Hunter 7

What to think when someone tells
Chirixalus laevis is NOT a species of frog 4
Peter Gent’s best catch 11

off color stories from the set of Bonanza 5
Ole Miss 1

Malcolm X 10
mimes 1

The major creative influences of SuperDave Osborne 3
Benign prostatic hyperplasia 2

Huckleberry Finn 8
rejecting the Italian bel canto tradition and the French "spectacle opera" 6

gallows humor 7
Air horns 6

The century and a half before the Portugese arrived in Togo 4
Liquid Prell 8

Looking interested in what they’re saying 2
Spaghetti and meatballs 9

Surrendering to authorities 1
silly string 6

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who's Hiring? my (recent) resume

Emergency Insulation Installer
(July 2008)
1. Cut insulation to length.
2. Placed and stapled into where it goes.
4. Attention to detail.
5. People skills.

Weed Puller (July 2008)
1. Found Weeds.
2. Pulled Weeds.
3. Put Weeds in bags.
4. Self starter.
5. Instituted new Weed pulling technique, wherein you wrap your college diploma around the Weed first, so as to get a better grip, then pull upward while turning the diploma counter clockwise. This new method was integrated and proven to get 27% more root. Was awarded employee of the afternoon.
6. Intermediate Landscape Philosophizing.
7. Attention to detai.

High School Teacher (June 23rd, 2008 - June 24th, 2008)
(Details available upon request)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bruce Conner

On Monday afternoon I received a phone call from Bruce Conner's assistant and to be honest the second i heard Henry's voice I knew. Bruce had died that morning. I didn't know the man well so i don't have any great Bruce Conner stories to relay to you. But i can tell you in his final years he championed a short film I had made and did his best to show it to as many of his friends as possible. For this I am immensely appreciative.
This story starts in 1979 - my first year of film school. In the C&P (Cinema & Photography) Department at Southern Illinois University I had two classes taught by Mike Covell. One of these was a History of Experimental Film. Now i had gone to film school to make comedies in the vein of Mel Brooks and Monty Python so this class was a bit of a rub. At first. Plus i was a young kid from Elgin, Illinois and knew Nothing about experimental film. What WAS this shit? If these were "Art Films" then Fuck Them.
Then, in that same Experimental Film class I saw Bruce Conner's Take the 5:10 to Dreamland and Valse Triste and all bets were off. The image of that little girl bouncing that ball on the sidewalk in Take the 5:10 to Dreamland will stay with me forever.

Cut to 25 years later and I had just completed Uso Justo. I sent a copy to my friend and ex boss at Monaco Video, John Carlson. He liked it enough to tell me that he was presently working with Bruce at the lab transferring his films and asked if he could show it to him.
"Yeah that would be great." (f-ing understatement)
Cool. Bruce Conner's watching my film.
A few weeks later i get a call. It's the man himself and he's telling me how much he enjoys the film and he's been showing it to some of his friends. To me this was like winning the Lottery, Wimbledon and the Super Bowl. Getting a phone call from one of your heroes is a pretty nice thing.
Since then we've spoken on the phone numerous times and he invited me to his home when i was out in San Francisco last March. We spent a couple hours talking film and old SF stories...him doing light shows 40 years ago at the Avalon, his disdain of "that singer for the Doors" and his love of Janis. We watched a film he had just completed. (Easter Sunday was edited from stuff he had shot in the 60's.)
A great visit that day and I'll leave it at that.
A few weeks later he sent me a check and a list of friends he wanted me to send copies of Uso Justo. A few weeks later another list. To say the least, the names on these lists were pretty impressive. Again, I'll leave it at that.
For those unfamiliar with his work (and there was plenty of it besides film... drawing, sculpture, painting, collage, photography) I encourage you to check it out. To say the least he wasn't big on having his films online (for obvious reasons) so i will not link to any of these. (But here is a link to other blogger's more eloquent than myself writing about him.)
Bruce Conner personally helped me get this film into the right hands and I'll be forever grateful. He was the Master of Found Footage and i was lucky to meet the man if only for a short time.

Thanks Bruce. For your films, your art and your support.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm more popular in the upper left part of the planet

yes, i can keep track of all you readers out there in the worldwide internet thingy.
you can't surreptitiously just stop by. I'm on to you.
Hey IP addresses -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fucking With Fox II

In the land of the blind . . .

the seemlessness of it all

Notice anything different?
Yeah, I flunked around in the blogspot site and found some new layout options. This will most likely be changing as the days go on but here's a start.
OK i have to get back to writing cover letters and finding high paying creative jobs on Craigslist.