Monday, August 24, 2009

this 21st century

When asked who their favorite photographer is, 78% of Americans said:
Ashton Kutcher. 87% of US citizens under the age of forty now have friends that they've never been in the same room with. 56% of those people have never heard a busy signal.
27% of the people on this blog right now are just pretending to read it. 48% of bloggers couldn't care less. 82% of this blog post was added after the fact. 32% of statements using percentages are completely false. 64.1% of the letters in this sentence are consonants. And 14% of you will count the letters in the previous sentence to see if that is correct. As it should be.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sheesh . . just post SOMETHING!!

yeah it's been way too long since i posted anything. Have been going through a lot of my stuff here - found an old journal this afternoon and here's some randomness from it . . .

What is the first known border?

if you ask someone what they did today and they start with
"I got up" .

When "i got up" counts as a thing you did today, you may not have seized it, daywise, as they say.

Are you more daywise or nightwise?

good questions for psychological test --start easy
Are you more cat or dog?
tree or sky?
by the end of the test. . . .
Are you more cerbellum mushroom or wingnut bus route?

Jesus comes back
as a Playboy bunny
named Christy.

Her turn-ons are

hot tubs and the rapture.

can there be an us without a them?

Character names taken from Illinois counties/cities -

Montgomery Chattsworth

Pearl Ogelthorpe

Wilder Kane

Grace Canyon

Emmett Shell

Wisconsin . . .

Gordon Covena

Daisy Hazelhurst

Gibson Leslie

Lula Newton

Lamar Funston

Avalon Babcock

Flovilla Americus

Arizona . . .

Somerton Winslow

Jerome Globe

Flagstaff Wilcox

Winkelman Bisbee

Be silly and dirty and fantastic and poetic and ferocious and childlike and animal and mineral and sweaty and glasses and poetic again and candles and extra credit points.

Questions Of The Future . . .
How many light years a gallon does that baby get?

Love - it's strong AND fragile.

Art/weatherman who predicts the artistic movements
coming through the tri state area . .

Scattered surrealism with a chance of fluxus overnight. . . .
"Remember last October we had that unseasonable Dada?
It rained cats and dogs. Literally."

" . . .the first big bacon show . . . ." *

*some guy on charlie rose

Joseph Campbell-ize the ending fer christsake!

planning spontaneity

Good name for a gated community . . .
Monetary Heights

Giving art the business