Sunday, December 16, 2007

82 Words for Splank

The eskimo language Yupik has been estimated to have approximately 24 words for snow. In keeping with this theory my apartment has 82 words or phrases for "a fucking mess". It started when i came up with the phrase for the grizzled charred pizza strands hanging from the grill inside my oven.
Pizza Scoundrels.
After coming up with this i started looking around my apartment..
Piles of stuff in corners, unfinished sculptures, stacks of crazed semi ideas, forgotten projects, it all added up. Here then is the list of small and glorious sections of disarray at TeamMiller Headquarters:

Creeping Nitch, Chelm, Art Phlegm, Whispering Squelch, Y'melmahay, Corner Thingees, Disinterpreted Norp,Resting Urk, Table of Contents, Silent Gargle, Dwellers, Interfangle, Unfinished Nerbs,Discarded Funk, Frutz, Mess Throng,
Skrulk, Big Bang, Junk Attack,Yesterdays Explosion, Balancing Frax, Murder One, Mini Scrutz, Fuckit, a Pile of Fuckit, a Lingering Pile of Fuckit, Yobobo, Curbsters/Curblings, Past History,Incarcerated Wingdings, Talminkle,
a Pile of Brakhage, Headache, Disproportionate Flink, Art Spasm, Falling Backwash,
Stacked Frangles, Leaning Twilch,Wasted Idea, Sprawling Nooch,Sculpture Burp, a Roomful of Me,
Sri Larry,Filthco, Window Squelch,Once Proud, Sliders,
Scattered Change,Trigger Happy, Meandering Filth,Cornered Fernlings, Idea Pile,Tow Jam, Hangdog Sink, the Unforgiven, Grandfathers, Latners, Scattered Froop, Kranch, Truncated Nurt, Rectangular Gruttz,Dirty Melvit, Fart Collage,Diagonal Tharch, Wandering Blutz, So Yesterday, Chankle, Standing Felch, NoOne’s Lark,
Fixated Whereabouts, Yummsters,Pile o' Shame, Frantic Laziness, Salt Lick,
Tripping Little Epiphanies, Ancient Grease, Concentrated Miller,Splank, Not Exactly Hallmark, Forgotten Schmutz, Leaning Beige,
Wall Twirch & Floor Splat.


Mike said...

Flat-out fucking brilliant.

"Chew, if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes!"

Coleman Miller said...

Thanks for the kind words Mikey! That IS you right, MM?

Mike said...

you got it chief!

--the double M

"Heard you 'opera lovers' were having a convention, so I thought I'd better be around in case anybody decided to sing."

Big Commotion said...

Y'melmahay- The Aztec God of clutter?

Lux said...


Lux said...

Sounds like a Japanese menu item of uncertain provenance.

Lux said...

By the way, not to burst anyone's blog bubble, but that eskimo snow word-count thing is supposedly just an urban legend.

Coleman Miller said...

yo LUX! the funniest part of the comments on this (to meself) is that on a list of total nonsense you pick one out as if to say "what the Hell is that?!" Talminkle? fine. Frutz? ok. Yobobo? What the hell is THAT??!!!!
your theory that eskimo snow words are an urban legend is just an urban legend.
Truncated Nurt,