Sunday, February 26, 2012

Palm Springs Fine Arts Fair

Palm Springs was a smashing success as they say.
Met a bunch of great folks. Screened Uso Justo to a less than packed house but for those who came, they dug it and also bought DVD's for later laughs. The Q&A with Daniel Stern was excellent. Informative and funny. Afterwards we had a great dinner with some fun locals.
Also sold one of my sculptures at the fair. I LOVE these things and they're starting to catch on. And get better. Or so I say.
Ed sold a couple of his big paintings so me and Tom (the local carpenter we hired) went over and hung it in their home the next day.
Definitely a wealthier crowd than I am used to hanging i said in the q&a I saw a few folks at the opening party whose eyeglasses cost more than I made last year.
Literally true.

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