Monday, March 10, 2008

Today's Scores

Cubs 4
Twins 2

Ernie Kovacs 13
Stan Brakhage 1

West Aurora 3

Totie Fields 8

Lew Alcindor 5

Ornithology 1

Asians 4
Cleavon Little 8

Alexander Calder 10
mustard 2

The Spanish Inquisition 13
sporks 9

Steven Wright 11
Tuesday 5

sprocketholes 7
John Cage 8

Jerry Garcia 2
Bjorn Borg 1

Big Macs 3
pointillism 2

The Eighteenth Hole at Pebble Beach 5
Todd Farwell 9

God 2
Verbs 3

E pluribus unum 5
Youtube 1

wallpaper removal 17
Tucumcari, New Mexico 6

Professor Irwin Corey 11
your middle name 3

film 16
1963 4

what happens when you die 11
Arkansas Razorbacks 2

Elgin, Illinois 15
fake poop 6

prayer 7
Christopher Walken's dentist 3

Napoleon 9
Pia Zadora 7


Anonymous said...

Damn! And Zadora was so close to taking Bonaparte! Hate it when that happens.

Good thing my bumper sticker reads "In Verbs We Trust" or I'd have had the locals running my ass outta town!

Coleman Miller said...

that Napoleon/Zadora game lost alot of people money. They took Napoleon sure, but he couldn't beat the spread.

Lux said...

Pia Zadora?
What, have you been rereading your vintage Playboy collection from 1983?

Coleman Miller said...

uh, no.
purely for the funniness of the name and it's connotation of mediocrity or something other that may (or may not!) stand as contradictory to the opposition.
future names in todays scores might be Barbara Billingsley, Charo and/or Sebastion Cabot.

Anonymous said...

...mebbe so, but when Fake Poop comes to take back the title from Elgin, the shit is really gonna hit the fans.

Sorry, couldn't help myslef.

Coleman Miller said...

ahhhh . . .
i wondered when the fake poop fans would come out

Anonymous said...

i want!! i want!! hot carlos to kick lmnop's ace. i want herman to rassle andy and the winner to cheer for blogatude. don't ever use my name again?