Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Church of the Holy Coincidence.

I haven’t written too much on my ideas on religion and god but it's about time to let 'em out. The planet's been hijacked by ignorance and mythology and there really is no end in sight.
The following are some random thoughts from the journals:

Like an old hound dog religion has treed us. It’s all in our heads. Take a look..the dog is old, lame and blind. Climb out of the tree, stand on your own two feet and go help some others get out of those trees. It’s a start.

We change with the time. Our spirituality is too important to disregard each generations ideas. It’s the humans that are alive now that can save us. Not our dead heroes in books. It can happen in your lifetime. This is something to pray for. But not to a god. Pray to everyone living. Put your faith in the human race.

Big Bang? More like a Cosmic Ejaculation..

If religion has taught us anything it is this:
Get 'em When They’re Young.

Church of the Holy Coincidence.
No Guilt.
No Sin.
No Father/Sky god judging us.
All the old bets are off.

This planets ignorance in regards to spiritual evolution is shameful. We may be the laughing stock of the universe.

It's time for churches to start keeping the books and pay up.
Our government gives em a free pass.
Church & State - Totally in bed together.

It's time for religion to stop sucking off the tit of society.

the thing i refuse to buy into (re: religions) is they make their gods so petty. not only do they give these gods very human characteristics, but the very worst of them. Vindictive. Egomaniacal. Petty. (Notice i said "not only do they give these gods.." who can argue- we humans were the ones who came up with this grand idea of gods and later "a" god) so yes, we give our gods their traits. Lets' not fool ourselves ladies and gentlemen - it's all us.
if there is a god i can safely say he/she/it has not communicated with us. Certainly not by giving us
"his rules"

Getting "over" religion will take awhile (understatement) and will be a huge human hurdle. And a great day. The Huge Human Hurdle.


Anonymous said...

I certainly don't want in any way to be as pedantic as old man moppin', but this thing about Churches getting a free ride from the government, well, yes, that is somewhat true. But religion actually has a lot in common with art in this country. That is, the tax code in the U.S. is no more favorable to religious institutions than it is to arts organizations. The photography center where you show your work sometimes and often go to see the work of your peers doesn't have to pay taxes in much the same way as your aunt Ethel's church. The film fests that have awarded you prizes for your fabulous film doesn't have to pay taxes, just like Tom Cruise's ultraswanky religious org. In this country, by constitutional decree, the government doesn't give direct funds to any one religious org, and it doesn't give much to arts orgs either. But it helps keep such things afloat by given them both the same advantages in the tax code.
I'm not a religious guy, but I think artists should be careful of demonizing religious orgs because they pretty much have the same deal. I personally believe it's a good thing that this country's government steps back and lets people practice what forms of creative worship--whether to God or the muses--without much interference. It'd suck if it were any other way--whether no support at all, or too much support (and so an expectation of control).

Coleman Miller said...

Damn. i veer off from the goofy and nonsensical just once and this is what happens? You make good points and my response to these are below.
But first I have to make a plea to you and any of my other commenters – please keep any feuds you have with friends off my blog. Even if it’s just a little innocuous(?) comment before you get the main ball rolling. I’ve seen some of these blogs and the comments - the infighting just makes me want to throw up.
If I have to get you and Mikey over here for scotch until you both hug and make up then so be it. Just give me a date.
If not, you two can keep at it..but please, not here, mf. Thank you. This is the last thing i'll say on this topic on this blog.

Now, I have to admit first and foremost my knowledge of the tax structures involving churches and arts organizations are almost null. So thanks for setting me straight on that.
The main difference I see in the Arts and Religion is this…
Art celebrates humanity. It celebrates creativity and new ideas. It evolves and makes people think. And it’s all made by humans. (for humans). And, like Religion, art compels us to have an opinion.
Ahhhh, opinions.
So now in the words of the comedian Brian Regan..”I hate to step on anybodies beliefs but, ….well….let’s get started….”
In my OPINION religion is dreck.
In my OPINION religion, through fear, makes people act good. (this isn’t on the face of it such a bad thing….way to go Religion!)
In my OPINION religions by their very nature, are full of false truths.
(No film festival director ever told me one of their judges was a big guy up in the sky. Who by the way, was also my creator and would have the final decision on where I would go when I die.)
In my OPINION anyone who tells you what happens to you when you die (and religions do this) is Full Of Shit. And because of this, when reasonable, intelligent people defend the church and its doctrines, it pisses me off. And makes me sad for the planet.
I also know firsthand - it “just feels better” to believe in God. It does. But my brain is a persnickety thing. And when all the information gets filtered through – it shakes it’s head and says “No. NO! Enough!” Saying NO to religion is a tough thing after years of being knocked upside the head by it. It’s not for the weak of will.
It’s easier to suck on the tit of religion than it is to think for yourself.
In my OPINION religion deserves to get punched in the face once in awhile, metaphorically or not.
In my OPINION religion, unlike art, disrespects humanity by continuing to patronize it.
So yeah, there’s that.
And, In my OPINION I’m 100% correct in these beliefs! How cool is THAT?!

Put your faith in the human race.
It's a tough switch but
you'll be happy you did.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry -- everything that m.f. writes is so negative, it defeats any good ideas he might present thereafter. you are a patient man, Coleman, but remember you always have a delete key for comments on your blog.

which is great, always, in case you were wondering.

Anonymous said...

Hey Coleman. Sorry for the "pedantic" comment. What that guy (Mr. Pollyanna Sunshine?) wrote about your innocuously fun film-making exercise just struck me as such. I won't comment about him here again, as it bothers you. And I don't want to foster any further Minnesotan passive-aggressive hissyfits.

To address your addressing of my comments, it's funny, because many of the reasons you cite for being anti-religious are VERY similar to the reasons many religious people tend to be anti-art. (I know, because I work for an art org in a highly religious small town; I've seen the other side and lived to tell the tale.) I wonder what would happen if both sides, each convinced of the rightness of their view, came together and agreed to get along and understand each other. More support for art and more tolerant religions? Who knows?

-Mr. "Negative"

PS. I think your blog's great too. And I think so non-anonymously!

Anonymous said...

And speaking of "negative," don't forget to stop by The Art Happy Hour! Pollsters are standing by to take your vote as to the location of the inaugural event of this soon-to-be favorite local artist tradition!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fallon - (cheers first off) You have any insights into the legislation that is revising the tax exempt status of NPO's in the state? It's just a higher degree of scrutiny and/or redefined exemptions on the property taxes, eh?

Anonymous said...

I've heard rumblings about this, and I know some people are worried, but I don't know many specifics. I should probably look into it, though, as I'd be fucked if they really took away the property tax exemption...

Anonymous said...

I look forward to a day when god belief is scorned as much as believing in unicorns and if anyone still practices those moldy old rites, they will do so in a closet fearful of being exposed as childishly, willfully ignorant . . .