Wednesday, February 25, 2009

old post never published . . .

til now! (for good reason? i dunno gimme a break.)

when writing a today's scores post i had one that goes like this:

drawing outside the line 137

cue cards 2
this is the story of my life so far....need to even that score out more - might be more productive.
and narrative, for sure.
time will tell.

Hold Your Horses!

Sunrise lighting . .depends which way you point your lens..east or west. the west glows. the east is contrasty.

Good question for the 1970's game show, MatchGame . . .
"What would Jesus Blank?"

Astonomers, scientists, philosophers and physicists all getting together for a thinktank - after many months their paper comes out and states that the universe is almost definitely something.
After some arguments, they change this to almost certainly something.

to create a new genre of film simply look over the application form for any film festival. online applications make you click on such words as :

Black & White

make films where these aren't yes or no questions. it's a start.

Rejected working title for Our Bodies, Ourselves:
Ladies and Germs

If you attempt to reach higher
you already have.

new word for something that starts out very cool but then goes sour ~
Betty's new business was a huge success,
but then it sundanced

Look for it all in his new book, Melancholy Olives! coming out this Fall!!

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RedeyeRick said...

Most of Rick's relationships sundanced.