Thursday, February 5, 2009


Somebody recently sent me a link to an article and although i was unable to open it I noticed in the address very plainly in the middle there is the word farticle.

What exactly IS a farticle?
well this brings to mind a story from my past where Mark Petterson was more than a little miffed one day at having to smell his older brothers farts . . .his brother 's response? "If you
're smelling it then some of my fart is IN YOUR NOSE right now." Hmmm. Of course, this brings up questions regarding physiology, olfactory senses and brotherhood for sure.

So yeah . .a farticle then is that small area of your fart that resides in someone else's nose.
There you have it! So who said Seemless Universe was nothing more than the meandering thoughts of an underemployed man? Who ?!! Who said that??!!
It's fucking Educational! or F'educational.

Now sure some of you are reading this and thinking . .THIS isn't why i visit this site, damn Miller.
oh well. come back again soon and we'll demonstrate how to send e-farticles.
The technology is almost there.

Peace, Love and Sheesh,

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m.f. said...

You couldn't open the link?
It was probably because of the extra period at the end. I took that off and it opened just fine.

Farticle is funny, btw. At least how you describe it.