Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today is spraypainted film day

Spraypainting and sprocketholes seems to be the order of the day here (of the month?)
now i'm spraying actual strips of 35mm film. always back to film it seems. although those canvas works look good (and big) these ain't too bad either. you might have to click on these to see any kind of details. dunno where these are headed but it's a direction nonetheless. The longest journey begins with a single step or something like that, right?


RM said...

I'm guessing you've done this before, but have you ever done a full sized canvas of painted 35mm strips, individually painted and then affixed to create a whole? I was at the Moma not too long ago checking out some of that Reinhardt crap, which, if you stare long enough at it, is supposed to reveal something. But, you know, you could make the same claim for an eyebrow. I see no reason why you couldn't get some canvases hung up somewhere.

mikebarden said...

I didn't realize that you guys up in Minnesota were so artsy-fartsy. But you did elect Al to Congress, didn't ya?

.\/.. Coleman.