Monday, February 9, 2009

slapped together

This is slapped together and i make no apologies. i had some backgrounds layered and i put some titles in there. near the end one of my mattes went south - instead of 'fixing' it i just put another sound over the top of it. make it seem like it was planned. or something. boy this looks like hell online. the things that PoP! on my screen now just coalesce into a gravy of pseudo-prime colors. damn. Oh and thanks to Beethoven.

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Anonymous said...

Found you when I googled "slapped together" seeking another way of saying the same thing. The pace of the piece is good. Not sure about the colors because Beethoven is kinda moody, but they do seem to complement the music.

Your piece is not "slapped together." Too much thought went into it.

I'm Peter Beck in Richmond, VA.