Wednesday, September 2, 2009

t's ootball eason !

In deference to this new photo at the top i might as well mention it's football season.

Living in Minnesota you can imagine what name pops up in conversation these days.
This is a name that one of my friends said if he hears one more time he's going on a shooting rampage. But he has a bit of an anger problem anyway and likes it like that.
The last time he threatened a rampage had something to do with someone knocking on his door or somesuch. I won't name names . .let's just call him Quinn.
where was I ?
oh yeah . . . .Brett Favre. (Take THAT Quinn ! all you folks in south mpls - lock your doors.)
Whatever, it's cute to see all the MN Vikings fans getting excited for another losing year for them. But ya know, this isn't really a football blog so I'll just say this ..
the photo at the top you may think is a guy stiff arming another guy on the football field. But in reality it's two guys that are just in to some weird shit. Their odd way of playing peek a boo. Maybe.
Or just old fashioned Hand Sniffers.

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RM said...

Easy for you to say, with the Bears looking somewhat promising this year ..

I myself can't get off this fixation with how the Giants' poor offense has ruined Lincecum's Cy Young chances.

Where would we be without sports?