Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Biggish Purge

It's good sometimes to take a piece (or pieces) of your past, put them into cardboard boxes and sell them to an aging hippie at a used record store. It sorta clears out the system. And in this technological age of iTunes and ePhones and O rings and Frankenberries it's quite easy to keep yourself musically happy without ever once changing a needle. That said I still have my turntable and I gave myself a limit of 60 albums I would keep. for instance these 7 . .

Here's 7 of the 280 I sold. . . .

now i wonder how many of you will write in the comment box things like "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SOLD YOUR WORKINGMANS DEAD!" or somesuch. And i say that's part of the beauty of the big purge.
OK who can guess how much money I got for approximately 275 LP's ? i ask you .. .
if anybody guesses correctly they win a special secret prize which will be delivered to their home via the U.S. Postal Service. maybe. ya never know with those guys.


RM said...

Just so your prediction doesn't go unrealized, I'm leaving my standard two cents, and in deference to Harry Callahan's famous quote on "opinions."

I could give two shakes about Workingman's Dead, but we've probably had that discussion before. What you'll really regret is tossing "Tattoo You" - and specifically side two. (As well as 'Neighbours' from side one.)

There, I feel better.

Coleman Miller said...

You may be right. 20/20 hindsight.
Neighbors... very good. But i'm already missing "Tops". oh well.
No Looking Back.

Mikie said...

You got approx. $68.75

And that's doing very well. :-)

Coleman Miller said...

Mikie . . .close.