Monday, August 24, 2009

this 21st century

When asked who their favorite photographer is, 78% of Americans said:
Ashton Kutcher. 87% of US citizens under the age of forty now have friends that they've never been in the same room with. 56% of those people have never heard a busy signal.
27% of the people on this blog right now are just pretending to read it. 48% of bloggers couldn't care less. 82% of this blog post was added after the fact. 32% of statements using percentages are completely false. 64.1% of the letters in this sentence are consonants. And 14% of you will count the letters in the previous sentence to see if that is correct. As it should be.


Jocelyn Farwell said...

My favorite photographer is katie waalkes (shes a good friend) well besides you of course. i didn't even know that tool was a photographer, i actually dont even think he is.

Mikie said...

78% perspiration + 20% inspiration + 2% coital seminal discharge = 100% homo sapien infant.

RM said...

Edison said that genius was " 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration" - which is welcome news to me, because I've been sweating like a pig lately.