Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Folks Find This Blog

So yeah, there is a section on my statcounter that shows me how some people have come to find my blog. If you go through a search engine they compile all the words or phrases the folks have used to look up information that brought them to your site. here then is a shortlist of some of these over the past month.

seemless universe

wanted on craigslist st. cloud c pap machine

michele bachmann coleman miller

i flunked around

liquid prell

artie miller blog


paragraph with words

wing park elgin, il

idiot lines

practicing abstinence

college diploma blogspot

valse triste bruce connor

writing paragraphs and words



given her eloquent way with words

paragraph about universe

writing paragraphs with certain words

eloquent words fancy

a paragraph about universe

beck radical congruency saturday night live video

male model universe

santa and religion

how to be eloquent

unidentified male 2008

excuses santa clause

box last night

recent resume

as the crow flies sentence

funny random sentences

santa claus (paragraph)

splank coleman


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