Sunday, January 18, 2009

After that, Arnold walked backwards toward Sacramento.
A trickster always will
bedevil the scenario.

Another time around Wednesday, Buford trimmed Samantha.

All this attitude
was beginning
to smell.
And there's a whistle before the snap!

Act tender and wonder beliefs
that shine.

And then a white boy took shit.

Apparently the assembled
went back to Scranton.

Aries tugged ardently while beckoning those scenes.

Arguably, the atmosphere was
beginning to sweat.

And then Ann's wedding butt took sex.

Artists Television Access
was behind the screening.
All those assholes wanted Beatlejuice to show.

Augusta the Avenue wakens beautifully the soul.

Amherst's talented are
wondering 'bout that shit.

And the Average White Band tasted smooth.

Although the adverb wore britches,
things sucked.

Alienated Tacoma artists were braiding tryptych sinks.
Alexander Thomasino Amberson Wadsworth Bellington traded stocks.

Abbreviated talking allows wondering beyond the

All these archaic words better total something.

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