Tuesday, January 6, 2009

47 words for back pain

As in a previous post where i named 82 words for Splank I now have an inner dictionary of terms for back pain,which is now easing up just enough to where i am able to sit and type for more than 2 minutes.
Here then are 47 words or phrases for back pain which i have recently experienced and am now documenting for the good of medical advancement:


taking the agony train to nowhere

electric spine twinkle

ouch explosion
panic button
Simmering horizontals
Creeping Fludge urdles
happy go bye byes
Lurching into the next Wow

Paralyzing body announcements howyadoin?
Shuffling stingers WTF!


Excruciating inner thingys

Bending over ever so slowly very slowly very deliberately and slowly did I mention slowly and then WANGO!
Greiving nowness
HALT! HellNow
Stinging fireballs I – IV



Dr. Payne and the 5 fingers of shit
exclamation givers
not so vague nightmare
Posterior Malfeasance

malicious tribulation

acid trip
Don’t touch me theres excruciating nowness
bubble pop

is there a pill for this?


crumble spooky muffler said...

too much salty beef perhaps? itz all in your head, life will pass if you don't resist the pain and make more efforts. hey whatwazthat that just passed me by? just a friend i guess.

m.f. said...

Speaking as an Irish, chronic backache sufferer, this one hit way too close to home. More about the home office, less about the back!

Harlan Kraquere said...

crumble muff is a complete idiot asshat. Physiology is in your mind! Wow. Unsalted vegetables must be the answer - what a nob.

Coleman Miller said...

ok Harlan settle down - we play nice here at the seemless wachamathing.
crumble spooky muffler was merely referencing some inside joke stuff that you were on the outside of. (and yeah i'll end a sentence in a preposition if i feel like it)
Don't make me pull this car over.

m. f. said...

Don't make me pull this over the car which I am driving?

Hey, what's an asshat?

BTW, I've thought it over and decided "Posterior Malfeasance" is pretty fun even if it hits close to home.

Mikie said...

Made my fucking day.

Anonymous said...

Am looking forward to your follow-up post "47 words for The Fwaps" or "Dedicated to the folks in a Truckee diner."