Thursday, February 21, 2008

double Spanish burton

Some descriptions in the dictionary are short.

(ver ba tim), adv. 1. in exactly the same words, word for word.
Rauschenberg (roushen burg). n. Robert, born 1925, U.S. artist.

Some descriptions in the dictionary aren't short so much.
double Spanish burton, a tackle having the load suspended from one of two single running blocks, supported both by the fall, which is rove through it, and by one end of a runner which is rove through the standing block and which supports at it’s other end the other running block, made in two ways, either with the standing end of the fall attached to a fixed point beside the running block, or with the fall rove through the standing block and attached to the running block, supporting the load, with a mechanical advantage of four and five, neglecting friction.


Anonymous said...

I think the dates are screwed up on your blog. Is this entry not supposed to be February 28th as opposed to the 21st? This sort of confusion makes it more difficult for those of us attempting to follow the evolution of your thought process.

Anonymous said...

Upon further inspection I've noticed that today is only the 27th, so obviously I've got bigger problems than you do.

Coleman Miller said...

Dear anonymous...don't you hate when you commit to that "publish your comment" button before you go and shoot your mouth off?
that said, thanks for doing such..was thinking this blog entry wasn't very commentworthy for the most part.
which brings me to another point anonymous or should i call you Spooner, Wisconsin . . .you see i keep track of you all out there in ReaderLand what with my newfangled statcounter website thingy. no anonymous reading going on out there.
but getting back to your comments Spooner . . .NO! I've got bigger problems than you do! Don't make me stop this blog and prove it. But yes you DO live in Spooner, Wisconsin . . .or maybe not. i have one friend who logs on in northern california and it shows up as Shelter Island, NY. so nothing is foolproof. except of course the sheer wonderfulness of this blog. But I'm biased.