Sunday, February 17, 2008

Archive: Back in the Day Series. (Photo # 327D)

Here's a picture of yours truly back in the days before email (remember those?).
it was a kinder, gentler time. maybe. this was taken back in the day when photos were taken with film. (a cellulose nitrate or acetate made in thin sheets or strips and coated with a light sensitive emulsion.) It came in perforated rolls and you would thread it into your camera. After taking a shot you would have to, and get this! MANUALLY wind the film through the camera in order to get to the next section of unexposed emulsion. Also when you took a photo there was no deleting it if you didnt like it. Once you popped the shutter you were committed. In fact you couldnt even SEE your shots until you were done with the entire roll and had it processed. AND printed.
Stay tuned for further ruminations on How We've Changed In This LifeTime!
Next week...The Dial Telephone.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Miller, what's an "answering machine"? thx.

Coleman Miller said...

Well, way back thousands and thousands of years ago the first "answering machine" was invented by man. In these times humanity was in it's infancy (even more so than now, if you can imagine this).
And with this infancy came much curiosity and many questions.
So to answer many of these questions that they didnt and couldnt find an answer to they invented "Answering Machines" or the more common term, "God".

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Miller, thank you for your answer about the answering machine question! It was very good.

What about those things they called "pagers"? What were they?

rukh214 said...

Hello - Now I feel silly, but thanks for appreciating my excitement. Your film struck a chord in me and made me feel very excited about experimental and modern cinema. I just felt that there was so much more to be done. I watched it recently with my younger brother, who is studying Spanish in high school, and he had a ball. Your blog is in my favorites list (a dubious honor, that), so I will definitely check it out.

Also, I see that we both have a book we love in common: above all else, A Confederacy of Dunces is an amazing book. I have read it numerous times, and I only love it more. I'm glad to see that you share my enthusiasm for Toole's (sadly) last book (Neon Bible is good but doesn't compare.)

Arlinda said...

I think this was taken back, in the day, when you could touch your toes