Monday, November 5, 2007

Slow News Day

here's a very short test for the F of it. this piece was quite a bit longer but I guess i need to keep 'em under 100 mb to get it up on this site. damn. need to figure out these compression rates..the extended dance version of this is much funnier...hopefully there will be more..


S. Holster said...

It plays now, looks like it was a glitch. Niiiiice 'twitch' on Robyn.....

Coleman Miller said...

Yeah Big Commotion, i changed the title to Slow News Day from Slow Fox News Day and reposted it...did that do it? i think just reposting it did the trick. (and yes, that's the first time i've ever typed the word "reposting".)
the twitch is nothing compared to the extended dance version. in that one the twitch is more like a frenzied spastic haywire fit.
Now THaT's some news reporting.
i have to figure out how to compress these video clips to get more time up. any ideas?
but we don't have to get into that here Big C, i have your phone number. ahh, the telephone. What an invention! in fact, I say right here on the record... I say "Cheers" to that greatest of American inventors, Alfred Edison. inventor of EVERYTHING from 1879 to 1904. he actually INVENTED those years.
lot of people don't know that.

with faithfully,
The Seemless Universe Writing Staff

rev. billy bob gisher ©2007 said...

wtf? everybody in the booth must have their ged.

do you see this holster?


that was my verification code.