Friday, November 9, 2007

Self Promoting, shamelessly

OK, OK..i have to make this short..need to go scrape some doors over in Edina. (it's a living) I have 4 films playing at the Walker on the 29th of November. And it's free. Check it out. of course you can always click the link over to the right and watch one of them online, but it's much, MUCH more fun to watch it in a crowded theater. trust me.
And doesn't "Festival of Appropriation" sound much better than "Celebration of Swiped Imagery"?


The Chief said...

Feast of the Filchers

Heist Holiday

Field Day for Fleecers

Dirty-Grabbing Pilferers’ Gala

Carnival of Cheating-Rotten Pillagers

Rapacious Boosters Jubliee!

S. Holster said...