Sunday, November 18, 2007

Less of the same, please.

Humanity Series # 22 - From hunters and gatherers to drivers and shoppers in 2,000 years'good porn name : Magic Wand&spaghetti western relationship . . .A Fistful of Honesty J26 characters in a world they didnt invent<LI'm not ashamed to admit it..through creative business tactics and a keen sense of the market, i was able to become a multi-thousandaire by the time i was 40. And so can you!"Celebrity marriage wagering . ..whats the over/under on Bradjelina? bThe Greatest Story Never ToldY guy falls in love with a photographer named Iris wseemingly disorderB
jE r n i e Kovacs, J e r r y Garcia & D o c k Ellis j
xpress AbstRactionisM!S if human nature tended toward contentment we'd still be living in caves} Special OccasionseHumanity Series # 47 - Curious For A Reasoni Haywire Wayside bZen and the Art of Motorcycle AccidentsVFictitious Dieties . .(where do we begin?)

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