Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some days are just way better

sitting here listening to the original release of Exile on Main St. it holds up good today being the re release date and all but today with or without the stones was beautiful hauling plants and dirt around in the Ford with the big ass trailer and actually backing the thing up and turning around a couple times don't sound like a big deal but try it once or twice it's an acquired taste ya gotta think all backwards or sideways or something and digging the sun on my face and even the scratches all over my dirty hands shovels, wheelbarrows, dirt, back roads full of farms and other trucks all hauling their shit for the masses midday finding myself at my friends house for more dirt hauling his young daughter making lunch for us and talking with the painter there about Elgin politics and art and fire departments and rich patrons he may or may not know whereas Dylan the tiny tiny dog of said daughter sure wags his tail a lot! an early day so stopped off in Geneva that most she-she-ist of towns where i sold a sculpture this weekend thanks to my boss and her garden show (Thanks D) and left some work there for the owner of a shop you know the type all precious and cute and adorable stuff for the mommies this owner was short shrift wanting to give my stuff away thanks but no thanks and i had a coffee and a smoke on the street running into that adorable couple with the wine sharing laughs the three of us in the sun on the corner there.

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RM said...

straight out of 'On The Road' ..

Also dug your Blazing Saddles reference .. "Number 6 .. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that .."

RIP Harvey Korman