Monday, May 3, 2010

Kentucky Derby 2010

If you can't have fun at the Kentucky Derby then there's something wrong with you and you should have that looked at. I'm just saying. Even with the rain (and probably because of it for some of these folks) that kept up at a steady drizzle until 20 minutes before post time for the Big Race. It's impossible to not be entertained by everything that's on display in front of you. Sure it helps to go there in the company of ten friends (many of whom you've known since the '60's). And yes a good mixture of Budwieser, Bloody Mary's and Mint Juleps is always called for. I mean really . . .why not?

Here's 7 out of 11 hangin out on the paddock just moments after arriving. First Juleps of the Day.
(left to right; Tom Hollis, Phil Johnson, Todd Farwell, Todd Daniels, Peter Daniels, Bob Nelson, Ross Daniels.)

Half an hour before post time of The Race and the sun comes out. Perfect timing.

Todd Phil and Joe all happy as pigs in mud
at our great spot we found a half hour before The Race.
(NOTE: if you look closely in the background you can see
rich people on the balcony looking down on us.
Literally & figuratively)

Here Todd D and Phil discuss the next race while
Jeff W (middle) contemplates ways to get under
Todd's skin.

Joe is not afraid to show you how
he feels without saying a word.

Here we see Joe, Phil & myself considering our next wager. After all our options were weighed I bet $7 on Budweiser and they both bet $10 on Mint Juleps.

Jeff proclaims wisdom about whatever is happening here in the moment
while Ross (far right) looks on, bemused. Todd checks to see
if he has a winning ticket while secretly hoping for no immigration discussions around the fire tonight.

Here we are hanging out on the first turn waiting for the big one. Phil hiked us all over to this spot and halfway there he stopped to tell us if we couldn't get into this section he didn't want to be responsible for any missed race and have to hear about it for ten years. I told him he was Golden and could do no wrong, but we would still blame him for ten years. Luckilly we all got in OK and watched the race from a great spot on the first turn. (see short clip of race from this location at bottom)

Bring out a camera and 9 times out of 10 Todd will try and pose like a tough guy. The key word there, of course, is "try".

Ladies and roses and garbage bags.

Cuties in big hats EVERYWHERE.

When asked Can I take your picture? 99 out of 100 folks at the Derby answer in the affirmative. Friendliest damn place on the planet . . .Is it southern hospitality? Mint Juleps? The sight of so many tiny men on horses? who cares!! it works.

Another smiling couple enjoy Churchill Downs on a Saturday in May.

Snapping away on the infield . . .

And my favorite section in Churchill Downs....the Paddock.
Here you see it all: Southern Belles. Infielders on their way to the tunnel. Horses. Jockeys. Searsucker. Movers. Shakers. Down & Outers. Young inebriates. Old school southern gentlemen with accents like Foghorn Leghorn. Gawkers. and Hats. Did I mention the hats?

Many girls enjoy jumping in front
of your lens when you least expect it.

A well dressed gent cops a feel of his
well dressed Belle between races.

Every once in awhile a group of six to twelve or so really short guys in loud outfits would walk by and people would yell mostly positive things at them.

Then there are the Mudders. Groups of young inebriates sliding around in the mud on the infield.
One of the guys in our group (Peter) was (and still is) a young 24 year old. After 10 minutes on the infield he said to a couple of us . . ."I'd like to apologize in advance for my entire generation". great line and big laugh inducer... - but really no apology needed. 99.9% were smiling big goofy happy smiles and having the time of their lives.

My $5 on Super Saver paid $45. of course my $5 on Awesome Act, American Lion and Deans Kitten didn't pay shit but hey that put me $25 ahead on my wagers.
And yes it is down to a Science this wagering on horses. What you do is this:
Look down the list of the names of the horses and whichever one speaks to a part of your life in any way is the horse that will win. I've done alot of my shopping at Savers and so this one was a no brainer. Like I said . . .Science.

Here's about 1/6th of the race right at the first and second turns. Not a bad view for paying general admission. Notice the young guys near the end of the shot who aren't even watching the race after the horses pass by in front of them. The F@#!ing Kentucky Derby is going on right in front of them but they're talking about some other shit. sheesh.

All in all a great day with great friends in Louisville, Kentucky.

And Sara in B-Town if you're reading this, your dream hasn't come true yet!
Nyah nyah!


Suzanne said...

coleman! great job with derby fun! what a bunch of great lookin' guys too. it seems a door has opened.
signed tuff guy

RM said...

Nice posting of the Muybridge photo series. I wonder if horses' feet have all left the ground simultaneously since the invention of the horse or if, like the jump-shot in basketball, some horse had to invent it.