Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seemless Universe's $700 Billion Bailout Plan

As of today Seemless Universe and Frapulous Tranding, Inc. is offering a $700 Billion prize to anyone who can prove the existence of God.

Or the nonexistence.

Good Luck To All!


Mikie said...

Here goes nothing:

1. God is, by definition, a being greater than anything that can be imagined.

2. Existence both in reality and in imagination is greater than existence solely in one's imagination.

3. Therefore, God must exist in reality: if God did not, God would not be a being greater than anything that can be imagined.

There is also a reductio ad absurdum, wherein the assumption that God does not exist leads to a logical contradiction. The line of reasoning goes like this:

1. God is that entity than which nothing can be greater.

2. The concept of God exists in human understanding.

3. God exists in one's mind but not in reality.

4. The concept of God's existence is understood in one's mind.

5. If God existed in reality, it would be a greater thing than God's existence in the mind.

6. The final step to God's existence is that God in reality must exist.

Prefer payment in non-U.S. government securities, cash or gold. Thanks!

Coleman Miller said...

Nice try Mikie! good arguments.
but our judges stamped it "NOTHING PROVEN".
one judge also wrote "huh?" in the margin.

Mikie said...

Don't thank me, thank St. Anselm. He got the ball rollin'. Worth a shot, like livin' and all.

RM said...

The Cubs win 97 games this season and still you persist with this "there is no God" crap? I'll let you know how He's doing when I see Him.

Mike said...

Go Cubs! Wow.