Monday, September 8, 2008

Bush Speaks

I've been noticing of late on broadcast TV a lot of sound problems. A couple weeks ago I watched a preseason football game (yes i really did) on Fox and a beautiful thing happened. The microphones on the announcers weren't coming through. At all. So i was able to enjoy the game hearing just the sounds on the field. They should do this for real. It made the game immensely more watchable.
Last week at the Republican Convention George Bush spoke via satellite to the crowd in St. Paul. NBC was airing it and we got to enjoy W's speech without the reaction of the crowd. A major mistake for the network but a coup for anyone who enjoys Out Of Context Theater. Here's a clip from the speech:


Anonymous said...

NBC tried this in 1980 for a Jets-Dolphins game .. no announcers. I think they should mic only the field, but let Madden continue to announce from the booth, yelling really loudly when he needs to make a point.

Holster said...

this is yet another test

Anonymous said...

wow, he seems so...residental.