Thursday, June 26, 2008

editors note: The management of Seemless Universe (a subsidiary of Frapulous Tranding, Incorporated) would like to apologize for the writer’s recent outbursts about troubled teens and his estimation of youth in general. His opinions are solely his own and do not express the views of Frapulous Tranding, Inc. We here at FraTrink believe all people are just little darlings no matter what their age or capacity for rational thought.

We feel confident Miller’s writing will continue to delight and amuse in the same fashion it has since its inception and in no way will be effected by his recent ordeal.

Thank you and God Bless

Lerner T. Squall
Assistant Junior Vice President
Frapulous Tranding, Incorporated

Todays Scores

Cubs 7
Orioles 4

children 3
A Big Stick 11

blank, vacant looks 14
America’s future 1

Holography 6
Argentine Tango dancers 7

words that rhyme with indifference 5
Sunshine 9

Babysitting 6
Teaching 2

Marvin Hamlisch 2
Prussians 6

assisting in the fabrication of removable prosthodontic appliances 3
Amherst College 7

theoretical physics 4
Tab Hunter 3

One Great Student 6,928,247,992
The rest of them 1

two ocean-going research vessels 6
Felix Mendelssohn 6

Stupidity 12
Reason 1

Watching your soul turn into a seven pound piece of coal in the matter of 30 hours 3
Extricating yourself in time 42

Colonial Rule 2
Rin Tin Tin's morning breath 8

bundt cake 6
Typing werds like
frapulous tranding on your keyboard and then having people you don’t even know read it 19


wendy said...

first of all, "bundt" is a story around heah.

secondly, you brought Tad Hunter's name back into print.

thirdly, one good student means (possibly) 6,928,247,991 in jail

wendy said...

sorry... i meant.... TAB (!)