Wednesday, January 2, 2008

trust me


Lux said...

I see this scenario: Living room, a high chair, your dad, a pair of scizzors, a sheet, a salad bowl.

Am I right?

Coleman Miller said...

pretty damn close you scenario seer.
except it was the basement and the old man had his junior barber kit. no salad bowl although it sure looks like it, huh?
bad bangs and couldn't even brush down that hair horn for picture day.

MLux said...

Junior barber kit? How sweet! My dad only ever used a bowl...

Hey Millberg! I've got this crazy idea that I wanted to tell you about: The Art Happy Hour!

Hope to see you at the first AHH! on February 1.


redeyerick said...

I think all of our current candidates for high office should use this idea for their campaigns. Post a grade school picture of themselves with the logline 'Trust Me.' beneath it. I'd vote for a 7 year old Coleman Miller.