Wednesday, January 30, 2008

drilling for oil in a goldmine

Have been busy looking for work in this world and not feeling that bloggy so it’s been awhile yes readers searching for the almighty dollar and whatever that entails trying to market myself in a world of commercialism and commercials and the ordinary after spending a life believing in the unordinary (the more unordinary the better!). Trying to get my foot in the door of where the money is. Showing my art to the man and getting less than exhuberant reactions. Rethinking skills and making the jump as it were.
Damn. Something will give soon, it has to. If anybody out there who has seen my work and knows of a company/person who could use these skills -let me know. Housepainting and demolition work is taking it’s toll on this 48 year old body. Rather use my brain for awhile.
Looking for work . . .Feels like I’m drilling for oil in a goldmine.
so yeah this taking up my time so might be posting more visual stuff for a spell instead of words . . .comes easier to me these days.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there my man, your work is appreciated