Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who The Hell Is Tom Myers and Why is Hollywood Anti-Quaker?

Funny you should ask on the day the Academy Award nominations come out.
Tommy Myers. Oscar nominee. 3rd year running. (3rd times a charm? right, tom? )
So yeah, Sound. They give awards for that? I mean . . .They give awards for that!
3 years ago tmyers was nominated for Wall-e. sound design/mixing and/or editing, i forget. Something to do with sound. He lost out to s#$%dog millionaire, but has a great story RE: Peter Fonda and a large potted plant in a Hotel lobby late that night. So all was not lost.
Last year he’s nominated for “Up”. CUT TO March 7, 2010: “And the Winner for Sound Editing is . . .The Hurt Locker”
Mother Fuckers!!!!!
Can’t a guy from Philadelphia get his??!!
I’ll tell you Hollywoods dirty little secret: Anti-Quakerism. There. I said it. They KNOW if a Quaker loses there’s not going to be any trouble. They’ll just go about their business, maybe make a sandwich and say something nice about the winner.
So this year TMyers is up for sound editing on ToyStory3. Congratulations Tom!
We’ll all find out on February 27th if Hollywood finally comes out of the stone ages to recognize their Quaker brethren.

Here we see our hero in action

You like me!

Here we see Myers with 3 other guys not holding Academy Awards.

more action photos!

All work and no play makes a man . . ..something, i forget. . . . .
Contemplating his next throw . . .He Likes the sound it makes!
(Notice the thick ankles )

I'm not saying he's a whore . . .but . . . . .

more people posing without Oscars . . . .
but a damn good looking group! (and a rare shot of our hero
looking semi exuberant while trying to cop a feel)

a young Tom Myers predicts how many Oscars he will win. (either that, or what place the Giants were in that day.)


Anonymous said...

coleman you have discovered an ugly secret about hollywood. how many oscars HAVE gone to quakers? Not that many. Coinkidink? I don't think so. congrats tom

RM said...

Don't fool yourself .. while it's an ugly generalization, the old adage "The Quakers run Hollywood" caught on for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Hey, who's the kid in the lower left next to Dalai Barden? He is not having a good time.


one angry quaker

Dixon Wragg said...

Hi! My first time here. Clever writing.
I'm curious about the title "Seemless Universe". Is "Seemless" here an alternate spelling of "Seamless" (i.e., without seams, continuous)? Or is it a different word and, if so, what does it mean and where did you pick it up?
If you take the time to answer, thanks for humoring a language freak.

Coleman Miller said...

Hello Dixon you first time user you.
It's an alternate spelling AND a different word. Two treats in one.
It started as a clever(?) misspelling of a 'seamless' universe. But then . . .(while using all of my senses) the universe sure seemed like it was there. All the time, even! But our perceptions may not be 100% effective so yeah . . .
Seemless Universe.
But you're the first one to ask so Thanks, you language freak.

OR there's this alternate explanation . . .