Saturday, June 5, 2010

itchy panorama graduation

so i'm waiting just west of Elgin for the boss to show up at the farm decide to try some shots with the digital camera. there's the panorama function let's you take three separate shots and the camera melds them together for ya on the spot. not bad. you can sort of see the seam but oh well I'm not shooting for Vanity Fair.
on the downside some poison ivy found me before I found it this week not bad but enough to get me to Walgreens where I found a product called Itch-X (just down the aisle from another product called Boil-Eaze.)
Today I am off to another high school graduation party (the second in as many weeks) to celebrate 12 years of knowledge gaining with yet another kid I have known since they were shortly out of the womb.
Time Marches On.

1 comment:

valnouveau said...

wow Coleman, the pics are great! what kind of camara is? tell me the name!!!

see ya!