Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scintillating Film Theory Conversation Going On Over Here

It's good to have good friends you can talk about anything with.
I have a friend (let's call him "Shawn" to protect his identity) and he's learning about all things video. Wants to make short digital pieces and has already made a handful. He's actually been more prolific than yours truly of late but that's for another blog post.
So he's asking me all kinds of questions now since I've made a few. Plus I'm trying to turn him on to the masters. Bruce Conner. Ernie Kovacs. Tarkovsky. To name 3.
The other night he was over and i played him a Tarkovsky film. His films could be described as slow. But Brilliant.
Anyway we watch films and have scintillating conversations while watching.
For instance during this particular Tarkovsky film (The Stalker) "Shawn" got up to use the bathroom. Here then is that dialogue in it's entirety.

Miller: "Do you want me to pause this?"

: "No, I'm not riveted to every moment" (Leaves living room and heads down the hall)

: "That's cuz you're a DICK."

So yeah, we like to watch and discuss films. And I think I'm helping. It's important to get your ideas out. And even more important to have friends you can discuss film theory with that understand the rudiments of a healthy dialogue.


Holster said...

this guy sounds like a dick AND a fucker.

Coleman Miller said...

a glove borrowing, glove losing dick fucker.

Harlan Kraquere said...

dick fucker....you mean this asshole is a sword fighter?