Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sound Unseen 9

The SoundUnseen Film Fest starts this week. Check it out. I saw a few screeners and it looks like a pretty good line up with something for everyone.
I watched a screener this week - Of All The Things, a doc on Dennis Lambert. Who the hell is Dennis Lambert you ask? He's a realtor living in Boca Raton. Sounds exciting so far, huh? It turns out this guy wrote the soundtrack to my life from junior high through high school. I don't think i ever bought one of his records but if you were near a radio in the 70's you've heard his work. Dennis Lambert was an 11-time Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer for the Four Tops (Ain't No Woman), Jefferson Starship (We Built This City), Player (Baby Come Back), Coven (One Tin Soldier), Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds (Don't Pull Your Love), Tavares (It Only Takes A Minute) and The Commodores (Nightshift).
So now he's showing homes in Boca and it turns out he's big in the Philippines. REALLY big. His one solo album (which went nowhere) has the song Of All The Things on it and Filipinos are nuts for it. It's their unofficial Valentines song and young and old lovers just get all gushy thinking about it. He finally relinquishes and goes on a mini tour of the place. Things go well. sort of.
It screens this Saturday and Sunday at St. Anthony Main. Check the link for times.

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Rick said...

Well done. Come and see OF ALL THE THINGS.