Monday, May 5, 2008

Pepin, Wisconsin

This Saturday night (May 10) I've been invited down to Pepin, WI to show some films at their Spring Film and Music Event.
The band Happy Apple is playing after the films and i hear they are pretty good so check it out if you are in the area.
The event is being sponsored by the fine folks at the Lake Pepin Art & Design Center and takes place at the Pepin Lion's Club! I could use a night at a Lion's Club. And who knows..maybe about 2 in the morning we'll have a carload of drunk Lions & film fans driving across town to the Elk's Club to paint "Elk Suck - Lion's Rule!!" on the side of their building.
Of course i'm not promising anything and as a disclaimer I personally have nothing against Elk. Really. Some of my best friends are Elk.

ADDENDUM: Just got a call from the folks in Pepin,WI and the venue has been changed to
The Lake Pepin Art & Design Center (408 Second Street...715.442-4442 ). Something about not being able to sell beer or wine at the Lion's club. I'm glad we got that settled.

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wendy said...


first... brent (the huzbundt) and i so dig your blog.

i heard about this Lake Pepin event from mike (nephew saxer in happy apple) who had such a great time. he told me good stories.

looking sososo forward to having you, rife, kevin @ our table. what a night that will be.

we'll be in touch.