Wednesday, April 9, 2008

random sentences.

Dancing cigarettes are harder to light.

Mediocrity is fine!

On Thursdays Velma Twinger always made time to chat with the older dolphins, even though their indifference to her night scrapbooking class made V feel somewhat melancholy.

I don't mind church services but i'd like them more if they just happened once every ten years as a reenactment.

Most people wouldn't even bother reading this sentence if they knew beforehand it was just going to end like this.

$13,457,601,882.13 is faster to write than thirteen billion, four hundred and fifty seven million, six hundred and one thousand, eight hundred and eighty two dollars and thirteen cents.

But as the crow flies, this sentence is even shorter.

The previous random sentence has little or no meaning depending on how the preferences on your computer are set, but as this blog is not about explaining itself and more about the fun-ness of words and image i would be remiss to not mention that 82% of art is rectangular.


Mike said...

your 5th one reminded me of this Billy Collins poem:

maybe it's just me...i dunno...reminding me of all the notes i had to throw away, the reminders to get things done and the way smoke curls around a lip...the way teachers apologize for knowing less than you do and you're afraid they're right but you wait for the bell could be one blog, or two or three or possibly none.

Coleman Miller said...

yeah Mike the 5th one was the winner for sure. in fact that sentence was the whole reason for this post originally. but it seemed a little naked up there alone.
Truth be told, I have a little crush on that sentence today.

Billy Collins though . . .good shit. there's a bunch of his poems put to animation on YouTube. kinda inspiring.
kinda WAY inspiring.