Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bill Paxton is a National Treasure!

Ok last night i watched a film none of you have ever seen. The Dark Backward. see? i told you.
Judd Nelson and Bill Paxton play garbage collectors in a world filled with garbage. in one scene they walk behind the garbage truck tossing in random crap they pick up off the street which is COVERED in trash. some of the tosses make it into the truck, some don't. whatever. (for those who know me it's like me cleaning my apartment. enough said. that would be for another blog entry.)
Oh, and along the way in this film, Judd Nelson grows an arm out of his back, which seems to help his career as the worst stand up comic ever. Every time he takes the stage he is COVERED in flopsweat. "Comics with two arms are a dime a dozen", says Wayne Newton at one point as the slimy talent agent, Jackie Chrome.
But back to Mr. Paxton. His portrayal of Gus the accordian playing sidekick is Amazing, Disgusting and WAY over the top. Bill Paxton. Who IS this guy? a genius? or just another guy from Texas? Both, i say!!
a couple years ago he directed and starred in Frailty. a twisted film with religious overtones and subtle humor. In the theater I was in tears laughing at some shit while the rest of the audience looked at me like i was a freak. (It's happened before - I'm used to it.)
anyway, Bill Paxton. Wow. Keep an eye on this guy.
OK, i have important stuff to do as far as you know . . . .


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Bill Paxton. We're not seeing enough of him...who's on this? Get on this! Alert! Alert!

Anonymous said...

btw flopsweat is a subject all its own. Nixon had it. LBJ had it. Even Dan Heydaya had it. I had it the other day. I think it's a combination of humidity and guilt. And good acting. Or bad acting.

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